50+ years of combined Market Research experience

iMad Research offers data collection services in more than 35 countries across five continents, with a focus on improving online data collection - one project at a time. Through our extensive data collection services, we provide our clients with a trusted and reliable partner.


Our Project Managers first priority is understanding our clients research and business needs and then assembling the tools and resources to capture the relevant data. Be it, targeted B2B decision makers, patient ailments, or general consumer behavior, our committed team of experts can provide guidance and recommendations on industry best practices. Each iMAD Project Manager has undergone and satisfactorily completed an extensive six week project management training course.


The types of quantitative research that we help execute:

  • Marketing and advertising: brand research, competitive analysis, product testing, copy testing, concept testing, ad testing, etc.
  • Strategy: market intelligence, corporate reputation
  • Insights: consumer insights, CSAT, competitive analysis, CX
  • HR: employee engagement